That is Pressure Jeopardy – a tribute to Alex Trebek


Alex Trebek grinned steadfastly. He also had about six Emmy’s, a Guiness World Record, and a Peabody. He is a Hall of Famer and has a Lifetime Achievement Award. I’m sure there is more, but I’m a grief-stricken Jeopardy fan who tries to write from memory.

Trebek died on November 8, 2020. He was 80 years old. Did he smoke weed? I dont know. I hope he did, at least to ease the pain during his cancer battle.

His epic, decades-long run as host of Jeopardy had episodes to air when he died, and now Jeopardy fans all over the world join in every night, hanging on his subtle sayings and indulging in his sheer joy when he says, ” You’re right!”

As I watch these episodes, I am impressed by its casual enjoyment. If he knew he was going to get pancreatic cancer, he certainly won’t show it. His gentlemanly boast is soothed like the true legend he is.

At Leafly, our most honest commitment to anyone or anything that icon is a stress list, so …

This is for Alex Trebek.

Here’s your first clue.

A man who is undisputed for the game show host’s Mount Rushmore, or a series on a game show where the winners compete against each other to crown the winners. It’s also a chillout strain with a THC: CBD ratio of 1: 1.

What is:


You’re on the board. Next note.

After work, Alex Trebek is what this iconic brunch drink is. We prefer the pleasant mid-level buzz of the Strain version, which is safer every day.

Mimosa marijuana varietyMimosa. (Maven Genetics)

What is:


This game is heating up. Hint time.

It could be a daily double. It could be that a word is pronounced incorrectly in Jeopardy’s 2nd round. It’s also a euphoric, lime-dominant, 60/40 indica-heavy hybrid that is plausibly named for its ability to pan over moods.

What is:

Game changer

For $ 600.

A burden on the surprise that ends in Jeopardy’s second episode and only recurs a few times in more than 35 years. A brief period of cerebral hiss, like the effects reported from this flower.

(Melazerg / iStock)

What is:

3X crazy

Finally, in honor of the year that forced millions of people to watch more endangerment than they normally would. Growing demand, a pop culture icon, a reliable feel-good experience. Legend after legend.

What is:

Leafly Strain of the Year 2020 – Runtz

“It was a good game. I hope you enjoyed it, ”he said to the players, always seriously.

Alex Trebeks last episode of Jeopardy will air on Christmas Day. A stylish exit and a present for all of us. It was a good game, Trebek (I tell myself in Sean Connery’s voice). We enjoyed it.

Emily Resling

Writing, podcasting and creative things at Leafly. Previous life sommelier. Lovers of dinner with friends. Haters of alarm clocks. IG: @emi_leafly

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