THC Merchandise: Prime 7 THC for Anxiousness and Despair


Medical cannabis is complicated. Many consumers use the plant to relieve symptoms of anxiety and depression. But cannabis can also cause Side effects related to mental health. For example, it's no secret that THC can sometimes cause paranoia. Many medical professionals are also concerned that THC could worsen psychosis in vulnerable people.

Chronically high doses of cannabis can also have one Effects on mental health. Over time, the body's overall susceptibility to THC and its euphoric effects can dull, a phenomenon known as tolerance. Some scientists postulate that this effect can lead to symptoms of apathy and depression in some consumers. As a 2016 study shows, these symptoms may not persist in the long term.

Overall, we still don't know much about cannabis. Much of the research on this topic is still limited to rodent testing and general population studies. And doing high quality research is difficult. Although 238 million people worldwide use cannabis, the plant is still banned in most countries. The harsh legal environment surrounding cannabis makes it difficult for doctors and scientists to properly research the plant.

While many people use cannabis to relieve symptoms of depression and anxiety, Everyone will have their own unique experience with the plant. From what we currently know about cannabis, its impact on mental health appears to depend on:


Beth Edmonds