The 2020 Hashish Cup winners and the place to purchase them


2020 may have been an epic failure, but at least some of the fire cannabis was still glowing.

When long-standing 4/20 events were canceled or postponed in March, it was clear that the usual cannabis competitions – High Times Cannabis Cup, The Emerald Cup, Harvest Cup – could not take place. at least in the traditional sense. So they turned around, democratized the voting process or held remote judgments.

That year, High Times events director, Mark Kazinec helped organize the first ever National Cannabis Cup and three People’s Choice Initak trophies in Oklahoma, Illinois and Colorado. Three of them are in the works for Oregon, Arizona, and Southern California early next year.

High Times Judges Kits are bringing smiles to Oregon consumers this year.  (Courtesy High Times)High Times Judges Kits are bringing smiles to Oregon consumers this year. (Courtesy High Times)

Rather than curating a select group of prominent judges, cup kits were delivered to pharmacies in each state so that thousands of regular degular people could share their views on the best deals in their state.

High Times Judges Kits are bringing smiles to Oregon consumers this year.  (Courtesy High Times)Two judges in Oregon are about to sign up. (Courtesy High Times)

“We wanted to make this competition and the chances of becoming a judge more accessible and make this year a dark world fun,” says Kazinec. “Why not let people buy amazing products that we curate? The choice of the people is entirely up to the people; It’s not just for the OGs. We also want the soccer mothers, the topics, the people who go to pharmacies. “

Despite the restrictions that made traditional gatherings impossible – the circus-like tents and fairgrounds to smoke, dab, vape, or eat cannabis with thousands of other fans – cannasseurs across the nation and around the world continued to strive to Judge the best of friends and crown the business.

While we wait for a postponed Emerald Cup in California until 2021, this is where you can shop for 2020’s most lauded strains, extracts, brands, and more.

Colorado Keeper

A lucky winner of the Grow-Off 2020 Micro-Grow.  (Courtesy The Grow-Off)One lucky Grow-Off 2020 micro-growth winner, Duran Jackson, is playing with some foos. (Courtesy The Grow-Off)

The Colorado-based Grow-Off competition uses one strain to determine who can grow the wettest of thanks. This year, they teamed up with leading growers at Cannarado to find out who can grow the terpiest, rockiest, highest quality splash nugs, a new cross between a Runtz dam and a Grape Pie x Capulator MAC sire.

Look out for Colorado growers, Hummingbird Cannabis, which scored the best overall quality (and third place for potency).

Fill your basket with the Fat Face Farms brand as well – they have improved both terpenes and potency categories.

Grow-Off Colorado 2020 winners, Fat Face Farms.  (Courtesy The Grow-Off)Grow-Off Colorado 2020 winners, Fat Face Farms, all have standard thickness faces. (Courtesy The Grow-Off)

Grow-off trophies have also been placed in the same categories for non-commercial home growers. To try these you may need to know a man.

To buy:

You can find Kolibri cannabis at The farm in Boulder and Fat Face Farms at Rocky Mountain cannabis in the cities of Dinosaur and Craig. (Yes, these are Colorado city names.)

The High Times Cannabis Cup Colorado: The People’s Choice 2020 competition consisted of three categories for flowers, two for food, and one for concentrates, themes, and prelims.

The Indico brand dominated the flower with Sour Strawberry and Mandarin Sunset alongside Jabberwocky from Pagosa Therapeutics.

Jabberwocky from Pagosa Therapeutics (Courtesy Pagosa Therapeutics)Jabberwocky from Pagosa Therapeutics (Courtesy Pagosa Therapeutics)

High Country Cones won the Best Pre-Roll for a colorful, um, French Wh * re.

To buy:


The Leafly Strain of 2020 is – Runtz!

California champions

Honeydew sungrown jelly (Courtesy Honeydew Farms)Honeydew sungrown jelly (Courtesy Honeydew Farms)

The competition in California is still tough and shows the diversity of the winners of this year’s WEEDCon.

Top Shelf Cultivation brand’s Whoa-Si-Whoa won for indicas, while Honeydew Farms’ suntanned jelly won the Sativa category. Zkittlez Mints from Mohave Reserve was named best hybrid.

And in a unique category, Oaksterdam OG from the Originals brand was named the best OG Kush Flower.

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Washington winner

A melonade rosin from the Cascadia cartel (via i502_growercascadiacartel)A melonade rosin from the Cascadia cartel. (via i502_growercascadiacartel)

Oregon’s High Times People’s Cup results were pushed back to January, but outdoor growers in Washington state had the Sun Cup.

The indica-dominant Blackwater from CannaSol Farms was recognized for the best THC flower with sunburn, and the lemon meringue, a sativa, for the best THC flower with mild withdrawal.

Cascadia Cartel melonade won best solvent-free concentrate.

“We were very excited to do this well.”

CannaSol founder Jeremy Moberg

“We were very excited to do this so well,” said CannaSol founder Jeremy Moberg, who initially suggested the Sun Cup to the Washington Sungrowers Industry Association as a fundraiser. “We basically swept the flower category and feel super proud.”

A nationwide Craft Cannabis Cup for small indoor growers comes in January 2021.

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Also, don’t sleep on any of the 2020 Oregon Grower’s Cup winners including: Fenario Farms; Age Farms; Luvli; Plus, the Decibel Banana Punch and GMO Rosin; and Blueberry Muffin Greenhouse Flower from Grateful Greenery.

Illinois – make some noise

CBN-infused snoozzzeberry gummies from Incredibles (via Leafly)CBN-infused snoozzzeberry gummies from Incredibles (via Leafly)

At the first Cannabis Cup in Illinois, one brand stood out from the rest. Revolution Global won gold in every category except Food, where it took third place. Your best friends of the year? Turbo Lemon Cake, Gorilla’d Cheese, and Florida Orange, the latter of which also won the vape category for the company’s Terp Tanks. You can find these winners at the Herbal Care Center in Chicago and New Age Care in Mount Prospect.

The only brands to break Revolution’s winning streak? Bhang’s Toffee Chocolate Bar and Incredibles’ CBN-infused Snoozzzeberry Gummies.

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New England / East Coast represented

Mary Palmer's award-winning rose lotion.  (Courtesy Mary Palmer)Mary Palmer’s award-winning rose lotion. (Courtesy Mary Palmer)

The Garden State looks a lot greener by 2021. As New Jersey prepares for the recreational market, the New England Harvest Cup held its fourth remote competition with a streamed award show. Joe Merkt and Shamanic Roots won the Sativa and Indica categories for creamy lemon bonkers and Rasta Pie, respectively.

Most of the Harvest Cup categories skipped flowers and featured products you won’t find in California. Edible and current brand Mary Palmer won the majority of awards in their categories with standout products like 24K Truffle Oil and 911 Salve. Their THC-infused cucumbers also won best foods at the Pheno Cup in Maine.

Excellent in Oklahoma

Red River Pharms and Exotic Genetix Tina elevated Oklahoma.  (Courtesy Red River Pharms)Red River Pharms and Exotic Genetix Tina elevated Oklahoma. (Courtesy Red River Pharms)

Oklahoma led the way with the first High Times People’s Choice Cup in June in 2020, paving the way for a number of new cannabis competitions across the country.

The collaboration proved key this year as the combined power of Red River Pharms and Exotic Genetix took first place in the Indica and Hybrid Flower categories for the Tina and Tropic Truffle strains.

ALTVM’s LilTV Diesel won for the Sativa Flower. ALTVM has also partnered with Leaf Logic to win gold for Dabbables with a solvent-free garlic breath (GMO X Mendo Breath).

To buy:

International all-stars

Banana Split Diamond and Sauce (via thebackyardbcn)Banana Split Diamond and Sauce (via thebackyardbcn)

Covid canceled Spannabis this year, but the organizers still held a (not so) Secret Cup! Secret Cup Bizkaia broadcast their seven-hour awards ceremony on Youtube instead of a face-to-face meeting. The best flowers in the Basque Country were:

Outstanding excerpts came in the form of:

Farewell shot: hemp bat

Award-winning, terpy Hawaiian Haze from Gold Standard CBD.  (Leafly)Award-winning, terpy Hawaiian Haze from Gold Standard CBD. (Leafly)

Unlike the Cannabis Cup, the High Times 2020 Hemp Cup invited coast-to-coast growers and manufacturers to compete, and they did. The best hemp flower of the year was Hawaiian Haze Hemp from Gold Standard CBD. Magus Nektar won the best vape with Luxury Hemp Live Resin Lot # LR001, and Gröns 135 mg truffles won the best food.

Amelia Williams

Amelia Williams is a longtime bud tender and cannabis writer based in San Francisco. She has contributed to MG Magazine, Culture Magazine, Cannabis Now, the GreenState of the San Francisco Chronicle, and is the author of the Barbary Coast Pharmacy’s Bud Blog.

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