The best cannabis joint rollers on the market


Rolling joints is not for everyone. Whether you avoid smoking or don’t have time for the ceremonial chore of grinding, filling, and rolling a joint, a manual or automatic join roller can streamline your join rolling experience. Beginners and experienced join rollers alike can benefit from a reliable tool that speeds up the rolling process when you are not comfortable with the task.

The best articulating cannabis rollers are easy to use, affordable, and durable. They are sold online as herb or cigarette rollers or lathes. These weed-friendly gadgets can save you money in the long run compared to buying pre-made, albeit perfectly rolled, joints. Here’s what you need to know about the different types of swivel castors and why they are a valuable tool.

What is a common roller?

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Joints became popular in Mexico around the mid-1850s, but it was not until recently that commercial herbal joinrollers appeared on the market. These innovative gadgets make rolling the perfect joint possible, even if you have no prior knowledge. People pride themselves on rolling the best joint, but sometimes their joining skills are overestimated.

To avoid the dreaded “canoe” that occurs when the joint burns unevenly or a joint is too tight to smoke, a marijuana joint roller will remove the guesswork so you can optimize your smoking experience. Grout rolls are available as manual or automatic options and are suitable for a variety of grout sizes.

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How do you use a joint roller?

How you use a joint roll depends on the type of roll you have. Regardless of your type, rolling joints will be considerably easier than without them. All you need is the common roller, roll papers, flower buds, and a weed grinder. After you’ve ground your favorite strain of marijuana, you’re ready to begin the process. Rollers from well-known brands such as RAW, Zig Zag, and other cigarette paper manufacturers have a similar roller design. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to use your Joint Roll:

Open the rollers and pull them apart. Insert a filter / crutch into the groove and slide it to one end of the roller. Put some ground grass into the groove between the rollers without covering the filter and without overflowing the roller. It can be helpful to do this over a rolling tray to catch spilled grass. Lock the roles together and begin
n Roll them toward you while your fingers hold the rollers taut. Place a sheet of roll paper between the rollers. Make sure the rubberized side is facing you. It may take a little effort to get the paper between the rollers. As soon as there is a little paper between the rollers, continue rolling the rollers towards you. Leave enough of the rubberized piece so you can lick it off before you finish with a few more rolls to close and seal the hinge. Open the rolls, grab your perfectly rolled joint, and enjoy.

Best cannabis joint roller

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The best cannabis joint rollers come in all shapes and sizes. Some rolls are manual and require packing, filling, and rolling. Automatic rollers make the process as simple as possible, but often require pre-made rollers to work. Here are some brands that make some of the best cannabis joint rollers to help you make your buying decision.


The classic 79mm manual joint roller from RAW is an affordable and handy weed accessory. This is a great place to start if you’re looking to wrap your own marijuana cigarettes. The reel also comes with a plastic replacement that will extend the life of your device. Seasoned rollers may not like that they are limited to 79mm joints.

Raw also makes a natural rolling paper cone shooter for various sizes of pre-rolled RAW cones. While you can roll a bag in no time, you will need to purchase appropriately sized pre-rolled bags to use this roller.


Zig-Zag is another popular brand that makes reliable rolling papers and accessories for joints. They make manual cannabis pivot rollers in a variety of sizes including 70mm, 78mm, and 100mm for king size joints. You can also buy bundles of all three reels with multiple paper sizes if you don’t want to be limited. Your 78mm reel comes in its distinctive and bright orange color. For less than $ 5, you can roll it on most paper sizes, including 1½, 1¼ and more.

Cone artist

The Swedish born Cone Artist Roller doesn’t look like a typical manual joint roller. Its unique and intimidating design becomes intuitive after watching the short explanatory video. The joint roller from Cone Artists rolls the perfect cone in just a few simple steps. The design of the roller allows you to create the cone shape, fill the cone, package and seal it faster than without it. Its cone-shaped cigarette shape and funnel-like design make packing cones a breeze.


Futurola produces slim and compact joint rollers in different sizes. Would you like to roll king size joints to consume yourself or share with friends? The best cannabis joint roller for large joints would have to be the Futurola king size rollers. Each roll comes with a roll carrying case and is available in white, silver, black, royal purple, rose as well as an American Flag Edition and a collaboration roll with Tommy Chong.


Powermatic’s cigarette injectors make rolling marijuana cigarettes as easy as possible. However, you need to buy pre-rolled tenons. Your mini version comes as a miniature black box that can roll king-size and 100mm pre-rolled joints. Starting at around $ 20, the Powermatic cigarette roller can automate part of your cannabis experience. Larger and more powerful versions reduce blockages and improve engine speed and transmission quality.

Articulated roll / case

Many brands are also developing all-in-one joint rollers and cases. Common trolleys only need to be filled with paper that fits under the lid. Suitcases come in small and large sizes, depending on your shared preferences and storage needs. One of the downsides to these cases is that it is a little more difficult to use than other options.

Accessories for articulated rolling

Rolling tray and flower

When looking for the best cannabis articulating roll for your needs, you may also be interested in a range of shared rolling accessories, including a shared rolling bowl so that you have a dedicated space for your rolling ritual together. Here are a few other essential accessories for rolling joints:

There have never been so many options for herbal articulated rollers. A search on Amazon for the best cannabis joint rollers will return pages of manual and automatic joint rollers with unique features. Now that you have a better idea of ​​what to look for in a cannabis joint roller, you can search for the “best flower deals near me” and prepare for your next smoking session together.


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