The eight most typical questions on CBD cigarettes


CBD cigarettes are a fast growing commodity in the cannabis sector. Many online retailers and brick-and-mortar stores are starting to keep these products in stock as consumers become more interested in them.

What are CBD cigarettes?

Let's first define CBD. Short for cannabidiol, it is the second most common active ingredient in cannabis after THC (tetrahydrocannabinol). It occurs naturally in cannabis and is not considered psychotropic (it does not cause psychoactive effects on the brain), but it has other effects. CBD is responsible for the feeling of relaxation and tranquility associated with cannabis. However, more recently, researchers have started to find evidence that it can be useful in treating many different types of health problems.

So what are they then?

When most people think of a cigarette rolled with cannabis, they imagine a typical joint rolled up with psychoactive THC-infused marijuana. On the other hand, these are created to look and smoke similar to tobacco cigarettes without imparting the negative side effects associated with smoking tobacco and at the same time the health benefits of using CBD. They are made from hemp grown with a negligible amount of THC present (less than 0.3). Smoking can give users the best CBD benefits without the effects of THC or the negative effects of a tobacco cigarette.

Let's get out of the way with the basics and delve into the eight most important things you should know before using CBD cigarettes.

1. Why don't CBD cigarettes bring you up?

Many people fear that a CBD cigarette will still bring them up. It is ultimately made with cannabis. So let's take a look at how and why these products don't get you high.

Not psychoactive

The biggest misconception about CBD cigarettes is that you can get them up, but that's scientifically impossible. Unlike standard marijuana flowers that contain THC, a cigarette made with CBD contains only cannabidiol, the non-psychotropic ingredient in cannabis. To achieve this, cannabis is grown from wild hemp strains that start with a lower amount of CBD and from which THC is grown for generations. This results in a flower that can be smoked without feeling tall.

It is not THC!

The feeling of being high from standard cannabis comes from the THC binding to the endocannibinoid receptors in the human brain. THC mimics the brain's natural cannibinoid neurotransmitters and fits like a key into the natural receptors our brain has for these neurotransmitters, creating an effect. These effects include euophoria, anxiety, short attention spans, short-term memory loss, and a variety of other feelings, depending on the person and the type of cannabis they ingest.

Since a CBD cigarette does not contain THC, there is nothing in smoking that can bind to the brain's cannabinoid receptors, so you don't feel like you are high.

2. Are cannabidiol cigarettes legal in the United States (and elsewhere)?

Many people are interested in buying and using CBD cigarettes, but are concerned about their legality in the U.S. (and other regions). Let's take a look at the exact legal status.

2018 farm bill

In 2018, the U.S. Senate removed hemp-derived CBD and all naturally occurring cannabinoids from the list of controlled substances. This was included in the so-called Farm Bill. The use of CBD hemp flowers has been legalized for medical purposes as long as they contain less than or equal to 0.3% THC. Some states, such as Virginia, also require that the person have a prescription from their doctor.

International legal status

The legal status of CBD hemp flowers varies worldwide. Make sure you check the laws in your area to make sure you don't get punished.

3. Is smoking CBD bad for you?

Many people interested in CBD cigarettes are attracted to the reported health benefits. It therefore makes sense for people to be curious about potentially negative side effects. Many people also wonder whether smoking CBD cigarettes is as harmful as tobacco cigarettes or marijuana joints.

Smoking is inherently harmful

The truth is that smoking substances can have negative effects on the lungs, especially if they are not used in moderation. You should consult your family doctor before using new cannabis, CBD, or hemp products.

The smoke of a CBD cannabis cigarette is similar to your standard THC that contains cannabis, so all the negative side effects of smoking marijuana are generally the same. Smoking marijuana can damage the lungs by damaging the cellular mucosa during chronic use.

But is it as harmful as tobacco?

However, there are studies that indicate that cannabis smoke is less harmful than tobacco smoke. Although cannabis smoke causes cell damage, this study found no association with lung cancer or colon cancer. Not only did this study show that cannabis smoke was not associated with lung cancer (as opposed to tobacco smoke), it also showed that cannabis components protect against numerous cancers.

4. Do cannabidiol cigarettes have health benefits?

Many people are interested in CBD cigarettes (and CBD cannabis in general) because of the reported health benefits. Let's take a closer look at what they might be useful for.

What consumers say about CBD cigarettes

Take a quick look at Reddit or another internet forum and you will find people raving about the health benefits that they have personally discovered smoking CBD cannabis. According to people who smoke it, the best CBD cigarettes offer a variety of great physiological and psychological benefits. This includes insomnia, increased appetite, anxiety relief, mood improvement, help with depression and much more.

Current research

Until recently, CBD cannabis was classified as a drug in the United States. This meant that little research was done on the positive effects. Research has accelerated since CBD was removed from the list of restricted substances in 2018. So far, there have been studies showing the benefits of CBD and CBD cigarettes for arthritis, inflammatory pain, muscle spasms for multiple sclerosis, nausea and vomiting, nerve-related pain, and much more.

5. Are they difficult to buy?

The legal cannabis industry is growing so fast that it can be difficult to keep track of where and how we can get our hands on the best CBD cigarettes.

Fortunately, CBD cigarettes are currently not difficult to buy and are becoming easier to find. Since the U.S. government lifted legal restrictions on CBD in 2018 (provided it's made from hemp products with less than 0.3% THC), CBD has been much easier to get.

However, CBD cigarettes are new to the market and therefore their availability is slightly less than that of your standard CBD flower or other products such as tinctures and foods.

Nevertheless, they are available online from some major retailers and are also becoming increasingly popular and widespread in stationary retail. A quick Google search should spawn several retailers in the U.S. that they can ship directly. Be sure to ask your local stores which offers they also have.

6. Will cannabis cigarettes make me fail a drug test?

Many people want to try CBD cigarettes, but are concerned about their company's drug policy and how using CBD could affect their work.

CBD is not shown in standardized drug tests. However, it is important that your cigarettes are made from hemp flowers that contain a maximum of 0.3% THC. This is the legal limit in the US for CBD, but products can vary. If you are careful to only buy your CBD cigarette from a reputable source, you shouldn't have any problems.

7. Is smoking hemp useful for relieving chronic pain?

A common user benefit of CBD products is chronic pain relief. Science is beginning to show that these claims are made by proponents of CBD users.

According to a study published in 2018, almost 62% of people who use CBD products use it to treat a disease, and the majority of these people use CBD to treat chronic pain. CBD can be used to relieve pain in a number of diseases. Another recent study showed that CBD products can be useful in the treatment of multiple sclerosis and persistent cancer pain.

In short, yes, like any CBD product, the best CBD cigarettes can help treat chronic pain symptoms. However, products with concentrated amounts of cannabidiol are most likely more suitable. And, of course, individual needs vary and you should always consult a doctor before starting new treatments.

8. Can CBD Smoking Help Me Quit Smoking?

Many people are interested in using CBD cigarettes to give up their nicotine habits. But is it really helpful to quit smoking?

Do they taste like tobacco?

The best CBD cigarettes are designed to come as close as possible to standard tobacco cigarettes. This has several advantages. First, they smoke great. Second, they can help tobacco smokers quit smoking. Studies have shown that smoking cessation is easier if the cigarette is replaced with something else. This is called nicotine replacement, and it has been shown that dropout rates double.

What are the chances of successfully ending tobacco consumption with hemp?

If someone switches from smoking cigarettes to a CBD cannabis cigarette, they can double their chances of quitting smoking and possibly also enjoy the many health benefits that CBD offers.


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