The place on the earth is it okay to smoke marijuana?


It almost seems like a week goes by without another state or country decriminalizing marijuana. In November of this year 2020, Oregon will become the first state to decriminalize all drugs including heroin, LSD, and oxycodone for personal use. This may seem like a step too far to some, but by decriminalizing these drugs, the police can ignore people who have small amounts for personal use.

This frees up prison space, prevents regular users from becoming criminals who could then affect them for the rest of their lives, and saves taxpayers money.

While it can be difficult for some people to decriminalize harder drugs, the majority of people seem inclined to make marijuana legal. There are many pluses to this, including the above-mentioned freeing up of police time and resources, but also the medicinal use of marijuana and the generation of taxpayers’ money. There are pharmacies all over America selling cannabis products now, and you can buy weed online.

Where In America Can You Use Marijuana Legally?

Of all the US states, only marijuana now considers marijuana completely illegal. These states are Idaho, Wyoming, Kansas, South Carolina, Alabama, and Tennessee. All other states have either fully legalized, decriminalized, or allowed medicinal use of marijuana. To see your own state and find out what the legal situation is like, you can check a marijuana legality card online.

What are the different classifications for marijuana?

There are four ways marijuana use is classified across America. It’s medical, decriminalized, recreational and illegal.


This speaks for itself. If you find yourself in Alabama with some marijuana, you risk arrest. It is still completely illegal to own, use, sell, or grow marijuana in six states.

Medical use

The majority of states have medical marijuana programs. However, not all of them are operational and some only cover a limited range of conditions. CBD aka cannabidiol has a wide variety of medicinal properties and, unlike THC, won’t get you high. It can be used to treat and relieve symptoms in epilepsy, anxiety, cancer, chronic pain, and multiple sclerosis. While not every state has legalized medical use, there are many that still allow limited use of CBD.


This is the most confusing term. Decriminalized does not mean legal. The easiest way is to say you will not go to jail. A state that has decriminalized marijuana allows people to own a small amount of marijuana without fear of jail. It can still mean that in the worst case scenario, you can be punished, which probably means a fine or a quote.

America has jailed people for marijuana possession in the past, so decriminalization is a huge step forward in reducing the prison population. There are over 40,000 people jailed for marijuana crimes, including many life sentences imposed under the 3-strike rule, even though marijuana is legalized in all states.

Recreational use

There are now a number of states that allow residents to smoke and use marijuana in their leisure time. This use should be treated like alcohol. That is, it is not okay to sit outside and smoke and be stoned. You must likely be at least 21 years old and then be able to keep a modest amount on yourself or at home and smoke discreetly. You may also be able to grow some plants. Buying from reputable local sources is a good idea, such as a Hamilton cannabis dispensary if you live in the area.

Is it legal in other countries?

Marijuana is also being decriminalized or legalized in many other countries. Gone are the days when people had to go to Amsterdam to visit the coffee shops. Many countries allow personal use. If you plan to visit a foreign country in the future, you should find out the laws that apply there before you decide to shine. Some facts on the internet may not be accurate.

For example, many backpackers have written about how the “happy” pizzas and shakes were in countries like Laos and Cambodia. This does not mean that weed smoking is legal or safe. Locals may be able to grow a certain number of plants for their own medicinal and cooking purposes, but non-locals should be careful. A cafe that sells happy shakes is very likely to pay the authorities money to look the other way. While you can safely pick up weeds or smoke in any of these establishments, if you decide to shine in the street or in your guest house is a whole different matter.

Visiting a poorer country and buying illegal drugs is a quick way to part with your vacation pay, and you can potentially see the inside of a police cell. Check local laws before you travel and ask again upon arrival to be sure. Foreigners who work in bars and pensions know the local area and advise you not to do anything that will get you into trouble.

The Case for Legalizing Marijuana?

There are many reasons why marijuana legalization could be a good thing. First, it allows the police to focus on more serious concerns than killing teenagers with a bag of weeds. The consequences of the arrest and prosecution of teenagers can affect their prospects for the rest of their lives. Police said in 2018 that 36.8% of arrests were from marijuana, removing this huge burden on the judicial system.

Marijuana has proven medicinal benefits. It can relieve pain and treat chronic symptoms in diseases such as glaucoma, AIDS, and cancer.

Legalizing the drug can reduce violent criminal behavior by removing control of the drug from gangs and criminals and bringing them to legally operated pharmacies.

There are also financial benefits. By legalizing marijuana, taxes on the product can be used for educational, health, and drug rehabilitation programs.


Marijuana is becoming less criminal around the world, but there is still a long way to go before it is safe or legal to walk around openly smoking weed. When traveling across the states, be sure to check the laws for your destination, as crossing state lines with marijuana can still result in heavy fines and jail sentences in the wrong regions. Even when you are overseas, always obey local laws and don’t light a doobie because a scruffy backpacker on Koh San Road said it was okay to do so.

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