The right way to decarboxylate and infuse hashish with out an oven


No kitchen necessary! Ardent decarboxylators and infusion devices are discreet, portable, and worry-free. They have high tech features that will easily guide you from start to finish

If you’ve never made your own food before, it may surprise you that you can’t just toss raw cannabis into some butter. First, it has to go through a process called decarboxylation – exposed to low heat for a while to activate cannabinoids like THC, which actually get you high. This usually takes hours in a kitchen. As you do this, be very careful to find the perfect balance so that none of your flowers are wasted.

If you don’t have the supplies, the time, or the motivation, there are simpler all-in-one solutions: Ardent FX or Ardent Nova, kitchen-free cannabis decarboxylators and dirt-free edible makers. All it takes is a Nova or FX and an electrical outlet to perfectly activate your cannabis without worrying about timing or equipment. When the time comes to actually make this edible, you can do so in the Nova or the high-tech Ardent FX too. All it takes is a push of a button.

Like Easy Bakes and Instant Pots, Ardent Nova and FX are made specifically for cannabis foods – making the whole process easy and hassle-free. Even tidying up is a breeze: just take the FX out of the detachable base and power adapter and put it in the dishwasher. The Nova is easy to hand wash between uses.

People really get an opinion on the right way to decarbonize. Some people swear by a complicated process with a pressure cooker. Others go through rolls and rolls of parchment paper to store their cannabis in the oven. The pot is simpler, but much less effective.

But even skilled cannabis cooks struggle to get it right: Decades of prohibition mean that decarburization methods have traveled like a phone game and a lot of important information is lost in the process. With Ardent’s laboratory-tested, advanced decarboxylators, the science is finally amazing – and accurate every time, so you can get the most out of even a single gram of cannabis.

Put it and forget it

(Courtesy of Ardent)

Most people don’t have time to hover in the oven for hours, let alone come up with perfect timing for multiple batches or search for tips and tricks on online forums. The Ardent Nova and FX are designed to get the maximum benefit from your flower every time they are fresh or cured.

With Ardent devices, you don’t have to worry about science, but in case you’re curious, this has to do with the bioavailability of cannabinoids or how quickly the plant compounds in THC are absorbed into your body. When you heat cannabis it becomes more bioavailable. Heat from smoking or vaping is enough to be absorbed through our lungs but not through our digestive systems. So, for the best foods, you need to heat your stuff long enough to make it digestible, but not until you start burning off the good stuff.

The Ardent Nova and FX are designed to decarburize in ways that pressure cookers, crock pots and ovens simply cannot. With advanced logic, two sensors, and a proprietary thermal blanket that envelops the entire device, these devices deliver precise, even heating cycles to unlock your cannabis without harm.

But all you really need to know is that you can plug in the Nova or FX and have the bud perfectly activated within 90 minutes to two hours. If you then want to pour your cannabis into oil, you can do this just as easily with either device, whether it is olive, coconut or your other favorite oil. The optional FX Infusion Press – like a coffee press, but for cannabis oil – also ensures that the sieving process stays clean.

Super discreet

Food baking doesn’t just take care of your entire kitchen, it takes care of your entire house. The process takes several stages between decarburizing, infusing and baking and takes at least one day. Your entire home smells like cannabis all the time. It’s just not practical for people with children or curious neighbors. Cooking smells are great when they’re regular brownies but can be a huge pain when they’re “special” brownies.

These Ardent devices are inconspicuous: they are small and contain noticeable smells, so your cannabis won’t be spilled over the counter or blown in the direction of disapproving noses. Since you only need one point of sale, it is as small as the roommates, so everyone can enjoy fresh, homemade cannabis products anywhere.

However, don’t let the small size fool you. The smaller Nova can decarburize up to an ounce of plant matter, while the slightly larger FX can activate up to four ounces.

Instant groceries from a single device

(Courtesy of Ardent)

After decarburizing your flower, kief, or concentrates with either device, you can use them straight away in your favorite recipes – not just tasty treats, but tinctures, capsules, themes, and anything else you can think of . Free (and no hassle) option: Infused oils merge right into your Nova or FX with an optional food grade silicone sleeve. Ardent also offers all-in-one kits for everything but the bud, which you can use to make basic goodies with the Nova, like a creamy ganache kit with pre-made dark chocolate shells for tasty truffles, a very special magical bowl for your frozen ones Treats and caramel in small quantities.

Upgrade to the Ardent FX to get the full “Easy Bake Oven” experience. Ardents deliciously diverse selection of sweet and savory delicacies perfectly matches your effects: cloud cake, apple cake, even sauce and filling. With accessories like the Double Lifter Tray, groceries are easier than cakes. (That includes cake.)

Both inexperienced and skilled chefs can change the way they consume food. The Ardent Nova and FX units take the guesswork out of complicated kitchen chores and can travel with you anywhere. Try it out today.

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Beth Edmonds