three Greatest MMJ Pharmacies in Tulsa, Oklahoma


Tulsa is the second largest city in Oklahoma (after Oklahoma City). Since Oklahoma legalized medical marijuana in July 2018, Tulsa has become a medical marijuana center. The city has seen an explosion of interest in MMJ among its citizens. This went hand in hand with a large number of high quality MMJ pharmacies that opened in the city.

Not all medical marijuana dispensaries are created equal. In many states, MMJ pharmacies are restricted from what they can sell by draconian bureaucracy and regulations under local MMJ laws. However, this is not the case in Oklahoma, where MMJ laws are sensible, open, and liberal. Pharmacies in Tulsa and Oklahoma in general have the freedom to provide excellent service and a wide range of MMJ products to their customers.

The freedom Oklahoma MMJ laws allow the state’s MMJ stores means that many pharmacies have opened and customers are benefiting from fierce competition between pharmacies. Oklahoma pharmacies have both the freedom and the motivation to deliver a premium MMJ pharmacy experience to their customers.

Not only do MMJ pharmacies in Oklahoma offer a wide range of innovative products, they also offer their customers world-class service, as well as numerous opportunities for MMJ education and learning.

With so many good pharmacies to choose from, which companies are leading the way right now? Where to Get the Best Groceries in Tulsa Which Tulsa pharmacies have the best range of products? And which Tulsa pharmacies have the best MMJ customer training?

Below we are going to discuss the OK pharmacy industry and look at three of the top MMJ pharmacies in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Image by DavidCardinez on Pixabay: Tulsa pharmacies have a wide variety of MMJ products.

Oklahoma is a Mecca for MMJ pharmacies

In just over two years since OK MMJ was legalized, the number of MMJ dispensaries operating in the state has grown at lightning speed. Oklahoma already has the second highest number of MMJ dispensaries per capita in the country. If this trend continues, Oklahoma could soon have the highest number of pharmacies in the country.

This massive proliferation of pharmacies has resulted in a highly competitive market. In order to attract attention and do good business, an OK pharmacy has to offer something special. Because of this, Oklahoma has some of the hottest new pharmacies in the country.

What are Oklahoma Dispensaries selling?

Oklahoma pharmacies sell a wide range of MMJ products, including many classic and novel types of flowers. MMJ foods, beverages and teas; and vaporizers, tinctures, waxes, oils and seeds.

Can Anyone Go to an Oklahoma Pharmacy?

Anyone can go and browse an Oklahoma pharmacy as long as they are over the age of 18 (or 21, depending on the pharmacy’s specific age policy). To purchase MMJ products, you must have an Oklahoma MMJ card.

Can MMJ cardholders from other states use Oklahoma dispensaries?

Other US state MMJ patients who have a medical marijuana card from their state can obtain a temporary patient license to purchase Oklahoma MMJ at OK pharmacies while in the Sooner state. A temporary Oklahoma patient license is available from OMMA. The license is valid for 30 days and can be renewed.

How many pharmacies are there in Tulsa?

Tulsa is Oklahoma’s second largest city, but also an important cultural center in the Midwest. The city has several great museums, art galleries, and music venues. It’s also not surprising that there are many great medical marijuana dispensaries out there. At the time of writing, this relatively small town has nearly 200 MMJ pharmacies distributed within its borders.

MMJRecs - MMJ budImage by SeaweedJeezus on Pixabay: Tulsa has tons of great MMJ dispensaries.

Best MMJ Pharmacies in Tulsa, Oklahoma

Tulsa has several great MMJ dispensaries, and we don’t have space to mention them all. But here are three Tulsa pharmacies that you should definitely check out.

1. Seed Cannabis Co.

Seed is one of Tulsa’s most popular pharmacies. It has three locations in the Tulsa area and has been voted the best pharmacy in town. Seed is a high quality but welcoming pharmacy with a large selection of the finest natural medical cannabis.

They also value excellent customer service. Seed’s staff are experts in MMJ who are always keen to educate and inform clients and help them determine which type of MMJ treatment is ideal for them.

2. The Dankery Dispensary

The Dankery is a pharmacy and cultivation center with two locations in Tulsa. It opened early, just months after MMJ was legalized, making it one of the most established pharmacies in Tulsa with a loyal customer base.

The Dankery grows in-house and their varieties are of the highest quality and grown by their professionals from handpicked, carefully selected seeds. Like the other pharmacies on this list, the MMJ range at Dankery is extensive. The Dankery staff has a wealth of MMJ knowledge that they would love to share.

3. Oklahoma Home Grown Dispensary

Oklahoma Home Grown has two pharmacies in Tulsa, both of which offer excellent customer service. The employees at both locations are passionate, competent and eager to inform their customers about MMJ.

They have a large selection of high-quality MMJ products to choose from and are open seven days a week (Monday to Saturday from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m., Sunday from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.).

How can I get a medical marijuana card in Oklahoma?

The fastest, easiest way to get an Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Card is to schedule an online consultation with an MMJ Doctor in Oklahoma through MMJRecs. Once the consultation has taken place and your eligibility verified, the MMJ doctor will complete the appropriate sections of an MMJ card application form which you can then submit to OMMA.

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