three methods to make use of your weed stems


Cassidy Rush July 7, 2020

Weed stems can be a gray area for the average cannabis smoker.

Can you smoke it Should you smoke it?

If you ask yourself exactly that, you are not alone. This is a frequently asked question by people who are not yet familiar with smoking cannabis. And since no question is a stupid question when it comes to a great cannabis experience, we unpack all the details about weed stems.

What are weed stems?

Cannabis plant outdoors under magnifying glass

Weed stems are the small, stick-like pieces that sometimes end up in the cannabis flower that you buy in the pharmacy. Depending on the quality of the flower you bought, some or more stems may be included in your transport. For example, shake that was bought in pharmacies tends to contain more stems than non-shake flowers. In contrast to the dense buds of the cannabis plant, weed stems contain very little to no THC (the main active ingredient in cannabis).

Can you smoke weed stems?

Although you may be tempted, you shouldn't smoke weed stems. Smoking cannabis plants will not get you high due to their THC deficiency. If you choose to smoke stems, you are likely to experience some of the negative side effects associated with smoking, such as coughing and a sore throat, without the fun of a THC high.

In other words, it's just not worth it.

Alternative use for weed stems

The good news is that your stems don't have to be wasted. Although you can't smoke them, stems still have some surprisingly useful purposes in life. Here are some of the most popular ways people can use their weed stalks well.

1. Cannabutter

Did you know that you can use discarded weed stems to make cannabis infused butter? If you have a good amount of stems stored, throw them in with the rest of your flower when you start the decarboxylation process. These stems do not give any effectiveness to your end product, but add some cannabis-inspired umami. Cannabis-containing butter is a good thing because it is the basis for most edible recipes.

2. Cannabis topics

Similar to the butter recipe, you can decarboxylate any remaining weed stems with 7-10 grams of dried cannabis. After this process is complete, you can infuse cannabis and stems with coconut oil. This creates the basis for many current cannabis recipes such as lip balm and lotions.

3. Cannabis tea

Another great way to use your stems is to make a cannabis-infused tea. Cannatea is a good choice if you only have a small number of stems that you want to use.

Tea with lemon and herbs

For example, our cannabis infused tea recipe only needs 2 teaspoons of weed stems and is ready to drink in about ten minutes. This recipe is flexible and allows you to customize it with different tea flavors until you find your ideal combination.

Save your weed stems

As you can see, the life of a weed stalk can go beyond the time it spends in your grinder. If you want to keep your stems better (due to your new knowledge of their magic), we recommend that you keep a jar to collect your weed stems over time. This way you always have a new supply available if you want to tackle one of these projects.

What do you think about cannabis stems?

Did you do something special with your remaining weed stems? Are they more useful than we originally thought? We want to hear about it! Take part in the conversion on Twitter or leave a comment below.

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