Try the G Pen Roam moveable vaporizer


Leafly unpacks the G Pen Roam portable all-in-one vaporizer

In the video above, Leafly’s Ruben dives in to show you what’s going on with the sleek and sturdy Roam.

When you open the G Pen box, the first thing you see is the extremely durable hemp travel bag. When you open the hemp case, you’ll find all of the extras it contains: a G-pen tool, charging cable, and the Roam.

The device has a rechargeable and quickly rechargeable lithium-ion battery and a full quartz tank with a protective housing. All of this slides apart so you can access the glass hydrotube (hello, filtration) which is covered with a soft silicone mouthpiece.


All the places you can roam G Pen

To use the Roam, all you need to do is lift the quartz cover, load the concentrate into the tank and close it. When you turn on the roam, you can set your temperature between 400 and 800 degrees and choose to heat when needed or double-tap to automatically heat to temperature. The Roam heats up in seconds and you’re good to go.

Visit Gpen.com to find the G Pen Roam portable vaporizer and more.

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