Unpacking the Crafty + portable vaporizer


Watch Ruben from Leafly Storz & Bickels unpack the Crafty + vaporizer.

The Crafty + is a portable vaporizer that is optimized for grip and feel and has integrated convection and conduction heating elements for efficient, even vapor delivery.

It is made of durable materials for everyday use and uses just one button to reach three preset heat settings.

In the packaging is the Crafty + device with a filling chamber tool for easy filling and cleaning. On top of the Crafty + you can see the cooling unit which cools the steam for optimal temperature and taste. You will also find a charger and additional screens, drip pads and cap rings.

As with other Storz & Bickel devices, you can also download the remote control or the web app to select your personal preferences.

You can find the Crafty + and other Storz & Bickel products on Storz-Bickel.com.

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Beth Edmonds