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Urinator Device - Keep Urine Warm For The Test

Jun 11

When you have less time for the detox and have an upcoming urine drug test threatening you, then the only way to save from the drug test is to use artificial urine like powdered urine and synthetic urine. But you have to take various precautions while using fake pee for the test. You should be aware of the temperature of the synthetic urine that you are using. The lab does check urine temperature for the test. You have to hide the synthetic urine from the supervisor. In such cases, it is better to use a urinator kit. You can find more information about the device here.
The urinator is an electronic urine heating device that keeps urine warm for the drug test. You might be wondering why we need to keep urine warm?
The correct urine temperature should be around the body temperature when your urine sample has a temperature far below or far away from the temperature. Then the lab might find your sample suspicious. The lab generally checks two things in your sample: temperature and substance present in the urine.No one can stop you from passing the drug test when your sample right temperate and drug-free urine. To keep your sample at body temperature, all you need is a urinator device. The urinator is an electronic device that requires Duracell batteries for operation. You might think it is a bit crazy to put the electronic device in your pant but don't worry, and it will not harm you. is the site where you can purchase the urinator device kit. They also give three packs of powdered urine with the urinator kit. So you don't need to buy an extra urine kit. So you can use a urinator kit atleast three times to pass the urine test. The urinator kit is a reusable device that means you can use the single kit to pass multiple urine tests. The urinator device consists of a vinyl iv bag that consists of the urine.
The vinyl bag ensures that urine should not leak from the bag. The two 9 volt batteries are given with the kit to keep the urine warm for the test. The batteries are capable of maintaing urine temperature for upto four hours. We have also seen people are using the microwave or hand warmer to keep the urine warm. I am not against microwaving your urine, but you constantly need to monitor the urine temperature. They are not an accurate way to keep the sample warm for the test.
The urinator is a digitally controlled device that regulates the temperature of the urine. Some people also put the sample close to the body to keep it warm. But like I said, it is not a reliable way to do it.

So its better to opt for a urinator kit with three powdered urine packs.