USPS postpones vape ban pending final rule


The long-awaited ban on shipping vape products will be delayed, according to the United States Postal Service, as the agency needs more time to figure out exactly how to implement the sweeping changes.

The ban should go into effect on Monday and apply to all vape businesses, including non-nicotine-free shipping products. Numerous companies that manufacture and / or sell vape products said the change “will seriously damage their businesses.” This ban has been in sight for months, but in a brief exchange with MJBizDailya postal service spokesman said USPS was not ready to implement the final rule.

“Despite our best efforts, the Postal Service is unable to deliver a final ruling by today’s target date to ensure a thorough and careful review of the complex issues and extensive comments from industry, individual and government stakeholders,” said spokesman David P. Said Coleman in an email.

Coleman said the USPS would finalize the rule “as soon as possible”. He added that “mailers should be prepared for implementation at any time after publication.”

Just last week, the postal service reminded companies of the ban so that they can make any necessary and possible changes. FedEx and UPS have already announced that they will follow the guidelines of the US Postal Service and will NOT ship any vape products. With no major airlines willing to move vape products, companies are no longer able to both meet the new requirements of the PACT Act and find a new way to ship their products.

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