Video Marijuana Card Extension Out there!


Following recent approval from the Pennsylvania Department of Health, we are now allowed to re-certify and renew medical marijuana cards via video. This will help prevent the spread of the coronavirus by allowing patients to stay at home. It will also prevent our doctors from becoming infected themselves.

New patients must continue to see the doctor personally. Patient renewals can be done from anywhere in Pennsylvania, including those originally certified by other clinics / doctors.

Take a few days to set up our systems and workflows to take video calls. We will most likely use Skype for video calls. So download the app on your phone or computer. We will also require patients to fill out the documents prior to their appointments and have them emailed to us. Hopefully patients can print and scan the records or take pictures on their phones and send them to us.

Renewals cost $ 100 and patients must renew their registration on the Department of Health for Medical Marijuana website prior to the appointment so our doctor can approve them for their new cards. This step is different from paying the US $ 50 each year on the website. To renew your registration, go to your profile settings and click on “Renew Registration” at the bottom of the page. You can do this from your phone.


Beth Edmonds