Weed in Saudi Arabia


For the THC travelers out there, Saudi Arabia probably isn’t on your list. And for good reason, since weeds, like alcohol, are not well absorbed in Saudi Arabia. Marijuana, or hashish as it is commonly called, is very rarely seen or smelled in the Kingdom.

Is weed reform on that list as Mohammed bin Salman (the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia) seeks to modernize the country? No at this point, and that doesn’t seem to be changing anytime soon. While the recent lifting of the women’s driving ban and the relaxation of body coverings came as surprising news to the international community, cannabis doesn’t seem to be on the agenda just yet.

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Weed laws Saudi Arabia

According to Forbes, this could result in one to six months in prison if caught with marijuana, or more likely hashish for personal use in Saudi Arabia. This could also mean the seemingly unusual punishment of flogging for Westerners. This mild punishment only applies to first-time offenders.

For drug trafficking, this can range from two to ten years in prison, including flogging, of course. This time frame may be longer for larger amounts or if circumstances permit. The death penalty also remains an option of punishment and is widely practiced.

Are the laws uniform across the country?

Saudi Arabia is a big place. It is the twelfth largest country in the world and the fifth largest in Asia. And while all cities feel different, they are all terrible places to smoke weed. Even so, the city of Jeddah is considered to be the most liberal in the country, and the “religious police” are often not seen. The religious police exist to enforce the public behavior of the Islamists.

The cities of Riyadh, Dammam, Mecca and Medina are more traditional. Regardless of where you are going in Saudi Arabia, buying or using weeds is a very bad idea.

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