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This is part 7 of our 8-part series on weed research in Australia. We’re talking about weeds in South Australia, Australia’s third largest state and the only state without two cities with at least 50,000 residents. The capital Adelaide has well over a million inhabitants. The next largest city, Mount Gambier, only has around 30,000 inhabitants. It’s a very central state.

South Australia is roughly the size of Texas and Nevada combined, while it only makes up 5% of their total population. The weed laws in South Australia are more relaxed than most of the others. South Australia is the only state that has officially decriminalized weeds.

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Weed Laws South Australia

Minor cannabis offenses in South Australia are known as simple cannabis offenses. To be classified as a simple cannabis crime, your crime must fall into one of the following categories:

own less than 20 grams of cannabis resin own less than 100 grams of cannabis smoking weed on privately owned bongs, pipes, vapes, etc. that will not grow more than 1 plant provided it is grown naturally and without enhancement

If a crime falls into any of the above categories, you will have to pay a fine on the spot. All of the following values ​​are given in AUD.

less than 25 g of weed = $ 250 between 25 and 100 g of weed = $ 400 less than 5 g of resin = $ 250 between 5 and 20 g of resin = $ 400 smoke weed on private property = $ 250 possession of equipment (bongs, etc.) = $ 250 possession of equipment (bongs etc) if there are other offenses = $ 130 growing weeds (assuming it is not grown hydroponically and does not use grow lights etc) = $ 400

So with the above I guess the takeaway is this. If your aim is high in South Australia, don’t own too much and don’t use it in public. However, keep in mind that despite its decriminalized status, it is still illegal.

South Australia cannabis tourism

If you read the beginning of the article, you will understand how empty most of South Australia really is. There are some amazing places to visit in the state. My personal favorite is Kangaroo Island, home to the only koala that is completely chlamydia free.

And then there is the Nullarbor, home to desert landscapes with views of the cliffs of the ocean. Or Coober Pedy, an opal mining town that’s so hot that most houses are built underground. All great places to enjoy sober or high.

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