Weeds within the Victoria – Australia collection


This is part 5 of our 8-part series on weed research in Australia. We’re talking about weeds in Victoria, Australia’s second smallest state after Tasmania.

Although small compared to most of Australia’s other states, Victoria is roughly the size of the United Kingdom. Victoria’s weed laws are roughly halfway in Australia. Not as strict as some, but definitely not as liberal as others (you see ACT).

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Victoria weed laws

In Victoria, Australia, quantities of cannabis for possession are defined as:

quantitycategoryUp to 50 gramsSmall quantity250 grams or more or 10 plantsMarkable quantity25 kilograms or more or 100 plantsCommercial quantity250 kilograms or more or 1000 plantsLarge commercial quantity

When caught with less than 50 grams of weeds in Victoria, and it is considered for personal use then this will only carry a fine.

Possession of more than 50 grams but less than 250 grams cannot be considered a marketable amount, but is still more serious than possession of less than 50 grams.

Using cannabis is a separate crime in Victoria. For example, if you are caught by a police officer smoking a joint in a park and you are found with 40 grams of cannabis, it is you charged with use and possession. These two fees can lead to up to 10 penalty units. At the time of writing this would be equal to A $ 1,655 or roughly $ 1,200.

Drug trafficking is much more serious and carries a sentence of up to 25 years and a possible fine of A $ 495,000.

What’s next for Victoria?

Victoria, more precisely Melbourne, has achieved the artistic-liberal stereotype in Australia. You missed the opportunity to become known as the first Australian region to be fully legalized, with ACT taking over the crown in early 2020. You could well be the second, however, as states strongly favor the center-left Labor government as well as modest representation by the Greens.

Unfortunately, this is not a suggestion that Victoria wants to legalize recreational weeds, but a guesswork. Unfortunately, this assumption is due more to the inaction of all other states and territories than to Victoria’s action.


Beth Edmonds