What A New Research Reveals About Hashish And Migraines


For the first time, researchers have focused on dried cannabis flower as treatment for headaches and migraines.

The study, published in the Journal of Integrative Medicine, examined, in real time, “the associations between different product characteristics and changes in symptom intensity following Cannabis use.”

Interestingly, results showcased that the flower was indeed effective for migraines, but the specifics of the cannabis plant (gender, age, combustion methods) may decrease effectivity. One key finding determined that cannabis with tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) levels over 10% became the strongest predictor of success in treating the migraine and headache-related pain with cannabis.

Additionally, the “C. indica” strain offered greater success with individuals in the study over its “C. sativa” counterpart. Overall, for those seeking migraine relief and for healthcare professionals looking to treat those with headaches, the study could be an important conversation starter for better outcomes against pain.

Photo by Claudia Barbosa via Pexels

A secret tool for headache pain

Results of the study offer staggering insight to how cannabis not only alleviates but could eliminate migraine pain for some users. With over 94 percent of users experiencing symptom relief within two hours, the study has brought to light deeper conversations around cannabis’ role in pain and quality-of-life for those experiencing headache-related disorders.

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The research joins another study that looked into the use of prolonged cannabis for individuals that suffer from migraines. Published this past May in the journal Brain Sciences, the study found that frequent cannabis use decreased migraine frequency.

“These findings indicate that MC results in long-term reduction of migraine frequency in >60% of treated patients and is associated with less disability and lower antimigraine medication intake.”  

Cannabis and CBD have had rising interest in migraine treatments in the last few years with organizations looking to alternative medicine to offer a needed solution for those who want to stay away from opioids. The Migraine Research Foundation gave  Dr. Nathaniel Schuster from the University of California San Diego for his research on cannabis in 2018. Additionally, the American Headache Society and the American Migraine Foundation have both expressed the need for more research around cannabis and CBD for migraine relief.


Beth Edmonds