What’s going to occur to hemp in 10 years?


After decades of banning cannabis for no good reason, it’s making a big comeback. We see more countries legalizing industrial hemp every year, and it just seems like a matter of time before it becomes legal worldwide.

While it seems inevitable to see steps towards legalizing marijuana, we don’t know what to expect for this plant in the future. What will happen to hemp in ten years? We try to discuss that in this article – read our opinions!

Increased public awareness

Cannabis has had a bad public image for decades, largely due to people not being informed. Today the situation is different and the entire industry is working to educate people about the benefits of marijuana.

Public interest in recent years has been greater than ever. You can search for useful data online and even view useful documentation on cannabis. Thanks to multiple sources of information, we are confident that public awareness of hemp’s potential will increase in the years to come.

Find a way to reduce the level of contamination in the plant

We know cannabis contaminants can increase with processing. Everything from growing the flower to using a specific extraction method can contribute to an increased amount of contamination.

This can be a problem in the future, which is why cannabis growers need to find a way to minimize harmful compounds in the plant. Finding better ways to keep the herb safe from insects, bacteria, and other dangerous factors is important. In addition, the industry should join forces to improve extraction results while keeping pollutant levels as low as possible.

The large niche of food also deserves special attention. There are projects all over the world that create and promote cannabis foods: cookies, crackers, candies, etc.

Even more focus on CBD

There is no doubt that CBD has revolutionized the entire cannabis market. Cannabidiol doesn’t make you high and provides several potential benefits. Thanks to this, it has become popular with users all over the world.

According to a report, CBD sales rose over 700% in 2019, reaching five billion. This is just the beginning as the growth will continue at an impressive rate. The same report suggests that CBD sales could reach over $ 23 billion in 2023.

Now we can compare it to the estimated sales growth for cannabis. The experts assume an average annual growth rate of 25%. However, this is still a long way from matching the CBD sales potential. That’s why cannabidiol could be the next big hit on the stock market.

Adding hemp seeds to your diet

Hemp seeds are high in nutritional value and this is not new information. For some people, these seeds have already become an essential part of their diet. However, the coming years will make hemp foods even more popular for human consumption.

If you’re looking for a rich, plant-based source of protein, hemp seeds can be the solution. These seeds also contain high amounts of omega-3 oils, which can be beneficial for both heart and brain health.

It’s worth noting that there are many ways to add hemp seeds to your diet. While you can eat them raw, it’s also possible to include them in baked and other main dishes. If you feel like it, adding something to your salad can ensure high nutrient levels per serving.

The potential for making beverages

Hemp beer attracts more customers every day, but this plant can serve as a base for other alcoholic beverages. You can use it to make cider, wine, fruit brandy, and rum. The herb’s peculiarities make it very versatile, and we believe that the industry has only realized this potential.

If you were looking for a dairy alternative, did you know you can try hemp milk? We already drink almond, soy and coconut milk. Why should cannabis be an exception?

The future of hemp clothing

Many companies have already started making hemp clothing and this trend will continue for the next few years. You can wear t-shirts and shirts made from natural materials in an environmentally friendly process.

We will also see hemp for textiles. This is because these textiles are cheaper to manufacture than cotton. The experts estimate that cotton requires more than twice as much water than cannabis. Thanks to their natural resistance to pests, hemp textiles can be more durable than cotton.

Final thoughts

It seems we have just scratched the surface of the hemp potential. There are several ways to use this plant that have not been adequately researched. However, that will bring the coming years. We are certain that hemp will be more present than ever in ten years.

In addition to consuming CBD oil and the plant itself, we can expect new uses for cannabis. At the same time, current uses will not lose their popularity. The bottom line is that the future of marijuana is exciting and we can’t wait to see where it will take us!

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