What’s the Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Authority?


In 2018, Oklahoma was the 30th state in the United States to legalize medical marijuana. The passage of SQ 788 enables licensed physicians to recommend medical marijuana to qualified patients. But regulating medical marijuana doesn’t happen by itself. The state created an agency whose sole role is to help regulate medical marijuana in the state: the Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Authority.

Here is everything you need to know about the Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Authority, as well as the rules and regulations for the use of medical marijuana in the state.

What is the Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Authority?

The OMMA administers the state’s medical marijuana program. It is responsible for all aspects of medical marijuana, including:


OMMA ensures that it conducts all of its programs in accordance with state regulations as a subsidiary of the Oklahoma Department of Health. The aim is to ensure that the people of Oklahoma can access medical marijuana safely and responsibly.

Who Qualifies for Medical Marijuana in Oklahoma?

A medical marijuana card is available through OMMA for Oklahoma residents over the age of 18 with the signature of a licensed medical practitioner. Some minors may receive medical marijuana cards under special circumstances and with the consent of two doctors and their parents or guardians.

Image by Manish Panghal via Unsplash: The medical marijuana card requirements in Oklahoma aren’t all that high. So, if you think you are eligible, see your doctor.

How to apply for an Oklahoma MMJ card through OMMA

Before applying for an MMJ card through OMMA, you must first ensure that you qualify. In addition to being over the age of 18 and being a resident of the state, you may meet, but are not limited to, the following conditions:

Chronic PainNeuropathic Pain DisorderSevere NauseaCancerEpilepsyInflammationTerminal DiseasesGlaucomaMuscle SpasmsKrohn’s DiseaseHIV / AIDS

Talk to your doctor about your condition and how MMJ may be able to help you. You can fill out an adult patient doctor referral form available through OMMA. There is a registration fee of $ 100. However, if you can show that you have Soonercare (Medicaid) or Medicare insurance, you may receive a reduced registration fee of $ 20.

How long does it take for OMMA to approve an application? The process is done online and you should find out if you qualify within 30 days. Once approved, your MMJ card will be mailed to you. You can then use it to legally buy, grow, and use medical marijuana and medical marijuana products in Oklahoma.

How long are MMJ cards valid in Oklahoma?

MMJ cards in Oklahoma are valid for two years. You can renew your MMJ card within 30 days of its expiration. All you have to do is visit the OMMA website and click the “Returning Applicants” button. This will allow you to log in and renew your card.

Medical marijuana card rules in Oklahoma?

According to OMMA, Oklahoma residents with an MMJ card can have:

Up to one ounce of cannabis concentrates such as THC waxes, extracts, and oils Up to three ounces of cannabis in a public place Up to eight ounces of cannabis in your household Up to 72 ounces of marijuana infused food

You can also grow your own medical marijuana at home, but you will need a state MMJ card to do so legally. You can have up to six immature and six mature plants with one card. The land you are growing it on must be your own or you must have permission from the owner of the land to grow on it. Your plants can also be grown in a place that is not visible from the street.

Where to buy MMJ in Oklahoma

The program run by OMMA has licensed over 2,000 pharmacies across the state. Thanks to this program, you will find many places where you can buy MMJ legally!

MMJRecs - medical marijuana dispensaryImage from Add Weed on Unsplash: OMMA compliance is important so know the rules.

Where to use medical marijuana

OMMA aims to make medical marijuana safe and accessible to everyone in the state. Many factors have been considered in regulating the use of medical marijuana, including its intended use. Oklahoma’s public consumption laws allow people with MMJ cards to use medical marijuana at home, but not in public. They also state that residents with an MMJ card with MMJ can drive in their car as long as it is out of the driver’s reach and is not driven across state lines.

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