Which international locations are subsequent for medical marijuana legalization in 2021?


What countries have taken medical marijuana (MMJ) legalization steps that could potentially be completed in 2021 or shortly thereafter? This question is being asked by patients around the world who would see a massive quality of life benefit if they could receive medical marijuana treatment.

Medical marijuana is now undoubtedly a very effective treatment for a whole range of painful and debilitating conditions. Patients are given a whole new life thanks to MMJ treatment, which is extremely effective in managing pain and reducing symptoms.

MMJ can improve symptoms of a wide variety of health conditions, including epilepsy, headache, chronic pain, insomnia, glaucoma, epilepsy, Alzheimer’s, Crohn’s disease, arthritis, seizures, nausea, and multiple sclerosis.

Image by RexMedlen on Pixabay: Medical marijuana laws in 2021 will vary significantly across the world.

Medical marijuana legalization around the world

Medical marijuana has been legalized in most of the United States. The minority of states where MMJ is still illegal seems certain to follow in the next few years. The weight of the evidence to support the multiple benefits of MMJ treatment is just too compelling to ignore.

Many other nations around the world have now legalized medical marijuana as well. Several countries have sensible, liberal MMY programs that their citizens can take advantage of. But many countries have legal MMJ almost entirely in their name, with restrictive and restrictive laws that make MMJ only available to a minority of people with very specific medical conditions.

All countries that appear to be making further progress in legalizing medical marijuana in 2021 fall under the MMJ’s current legality category. However, this legality tends to involve such restrictive programs that almost none of its citizens are qualified, and for those who do, the range of products available is extremely limited.

Medical marijuana laws in 2021

Medical marijuana legalization is usually not an all of a sudden, especially if the decision is made at the national level. Nations are large entities that contain a multitude of conflicting interest groups within their borders.

For example, in the US, medical marijuana is still not legal at the federal level, but most states have now legalized medical marijuana. Nations as a whole tend to move more slowly than individual states. For example, Oklahoma went from a strongly anti-MMJ state to a very liberal legal MMJ state almost overnight when voters approved State Question 788 in 2018.

Which countries will next legalize medical marijuana?


Sativex, an oral spray made with chemical extracts from the cannabis plant, is currently available for treatment in France. However, a full medical marijuana program has yet to be legalized and implemented in the country.

Former Health Minister Agnes Buzyn is an influential figure in French health policy and has expressed her support for an MMJ program on several occasions. The French National Agency for the Safety of Medicines and Health Products has concluded that “it would be appropriate to authorize the use of therapeutic cannabis … in certain clinical situations”. Given these high profile endorsements, it seems like only a matter of time before France fully legalizes medical marijuana.


The Irish Medical Cannabis Access Program will be run on a pilot basis for the next five years. Only a medical advisor (and not a general practitioner) can prescribe marijuana-based treatment. The only patients eligible for MMJ treatment in Ireland are those with severe, treatment-resistant epilepsy. persistent nausea and vomiting associated with chemotherapy; or MS-related spasticity that has not responded to standard treatments.

Ireland’s legal MMY program is tentative and very limited. It’s a start, however, and appears to expand once the first pilot phase is complete.

The United Kingdom

The UK technically legalized treatment with marijuana-derived medicines in 2018. However, the country’s MMJ program has been mocked for being MMJ-legal only in the name of. Only three MMJ-derived drugs are available to patients: Sativex (only for MS patients), Nabilone (only for treating side effects of chemotherapy), and Epidiolex (only for epilepsy patients). These drugs are only prescribed when all other treatment options have failed.

Alex Fraser, Patient Access Specialist at Grow Biotech, confirms the disillusionment of millions of UK citizens when he says: “We have seen a great reluctance from doctors and pharmacies to risk their licenses by making access easier. The vast majority of people (…) are still forced to rely on the black market to get their drugs. “Given the public outcry and high demand for MMJ treatment in the UK, it is only a matter of time before the country expands and improves its MMJ laws.

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Countries where recreational marijuana is legal

Marijuana laws are a little vague and indecisive in many countries. Some countries have fully legalized recreational marijuana. However, some countries do not have specific legal marijuana law but have effectively legalized marijuana use, with public marijuana use being common and never penalized.

The following is a list of countries where recreational marijuana is legal or effectively legal:

Argentina: Recreational marijuana use is decriminalized and widely accepted.Australia: Recreational marijuana was legalized in 2019 in the Australian capital territory, which also includes the capital Canberra.Belgium: Recreational marijuana use is decriminalized and widely accepted.Cambodia: Technically illegal, but culturally accepted. Cambodia is full of restaurants that offer happy meals made with marijuana.Canada: Fully legal recreational marijuana.Colombia: Recreational marijuana use is decriminalized and widely accepted.Czech Republic: Recreational marijuana use is decriminalized and widely accepted.Ecuador: Recreational marijuana use is decriminalized and widely accepted.Mexico: Recreational marijuana use is decriminalized and widely accepted.Netherlands: Recreational marijuana use is decriminalized and widely accepted. Products are available in the country’s famous cafes.Portugal: Recreational marijuana use is decriminalized and widely accepted.Spain: Recreational marijuana use is decriminalized and widely accepted. Spain’s famous “smoking clubs” are completely legal in Catalonia.United States: Several states have fully legalized recreational marijuana.Uruguay: Fully legal recreational marijuana.

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