Why rolling trays are important

Whether you use water pipes, normal pipes or even smoke Paper goods such as joints and blunts, accessories that make your smoking experience more seamless, are a must have. But where should you start when you’re looking for the right articles? One of the best products to pick up first is a rolling tray. If you’ve seen rolling trays while shopping but weren’t sure whether to make the purchase or not, let’s dig deeper into these helpful accessories and explain why they are important to any smoker.

why roller trays are important

What is a rolling tray?

As the name suggests, a rolling tray is a flat surface that you can grind, prep, and roll your bud on without worrying about the problems that come with trying without this tool. The rolling tray should bloom what that Focus on the dab mat. If you love to roll on your couch or bed and are fed up with the problems of rolling up, the rolling tray is for you.

Advantages of rolling trays

Although it is a relatively simple invention, the rolling tray offers numerous advantages that make scrolling so much more convenient. Some of these notable benefits include:

Free up space

Have you ever tried to roll in a field that contained other items? Trying to roll when cluttered around you can be painful. With a rolling tray, you have a special room instead, where you can place all of your smoking materials and prep your joints and blunts. While just prepping your joints on your counter doesn’t seem like a big deal, you’ll quickly find out how helpful your rolling tray is in keeping your activities in a free space.

Custom tray

Smoking is a lifestyle for many. Because of this, they want all of the accessories that they use to portray them. Many trays have exciting features and can be customized so that you can easily incorporate your favorite phrases, images, or brands on them. If you love being able to customize your accessories, you’re guaranteed to find a tray that can be customized to suit your needs.

Keep area clean

There are numerous problems that one will run into while trying to roll without problems. The first problem is with the number of tools you need to spread out in the available space. While grinding your bud, you will most likely have a lot of buds scattered around your immediate space as well. If you’ve paired the stickiness on your fingers, then you have to grapple with when Load your joint or can turn the area into a sticky mess with a ton of wasted cannabis. When you finally light up, you need to be very careful while smoking to make sure you don’t drop ashes on yourself or your belongings.

A roll-up tray is a panacea for all of your supplies and will help you save so much Weed or CBD flower Whenever possible, make sure all of your tools have their own space and protect your space from hot ashes.


At first glance, you are probably wondering whether or not a rolling tray is worth it. After all, it’s just a flat tray, isn’t it? While some roller trays can be relatively tame in terms of their design, others come with helpful features that make using your roller trays a pleasant experience. Some key features of the rolling tray are:


If you’re struggling to organize all of your belongings, you’ll be amazed to learn that many rolling trays have placeholders so you can keep your tools from sliding into the center of the tray as you roll them. Once you’re done, you can put your tray with everything in place. If you want to set and forget about it, get yourself a rolling tray with placeholders for all of your items.

Different materials

Plastic trays are not suitable for everyone. However, as with most other tools, it is important to know that rolling trays are not made from just one type of material. You can find trays made of glass, metal and even wood. If you look closely, you can even find rolling trays with unique features like LED light bars and more. They are sure to find the right match for you.

Different sizes

Small rolling trays are perfect for a mini-session, while larger ones give you enough space to prepare and pack your cannabis. Look around to find the right size for your rolling needs as there are tons of different sizes in the market.


No matter who you are, a rolling tray is one of the most important accessories to have in your collection. Simplify the shopping process by using the guide above to learn more about how Rolling Trays work and what types of features to look for in your own Rolling Tray.


Beth Edmonds