Wine and grass are a pair that many specialists love


Alcohol and marijuana are a pairing that is usually not recommended. For many sommeliers and marijuana enthusiasts, however, the combination of weed and wine is one that is very similar to wine and cheese. Two fragrant and delicious products that can complement each other in taste and smell.

The combination of marijuana and alcohol has a good reputation. There is the much-discussed cross-fading heights – when people are stoned and drunk at the same time and have problems controlling their bodies. Crossfaded heights seem to have a significant impact on people with sensitive systems, such as people who get drunk from a single glass of wine.

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Before combining wine with weeds, it is important to be knowledgeable and start slowly. Any type of marijuana and alcohol pairing will bring you a remarkable high, especially for those who don't have a lot of experience with this combination – or with the compounds themselves. People who have experience with cannabis and wine will likely have an easier time choosing what they want to mix to get the most out of the experience.

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Marijuana and alcohol usually work as a downer. It is therefore important to consider the setting in which you consume the mixture of the two. If you're at a party, try pairing the wine with a hybrid or sativa cannabis strain to prevent the tiredness that the wine is known for. If you drink your wine and have your weeds on the couch, try an indica with a heavy red and see what happens.

Speaking to The Manual, Jamie Evans, a wine specialist and herbal sommelier, said: “Similar to wine evaluation, you can use sensory evaluation techniques to prepare your nose and taste buds for cannabis interpretation. For example, the next time you buy a flower, put it in a wine glass and start smelling the different layers of aroma that pop out of the glass. "

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Compare and contrast different varieties and notice their differences and smells. Get creative and ask your budtender about terpenes to differentiate the marijuana you buy through this lens. Finally, try different combinations of wine and weeds. Try a rose with a sativa or a heavy red with an indica variety. Regardless of the result, you can train your nose and try new wines and marijuana varieties, which is enough incentive.


Beth Edmonds