Younger adults who vape usually tend to have this an infection


A new study found associations between vapors and symptoms of bronchitis in young adults, including coughing, wheezing, and chest wheezing. While avid smokers had more pronounced symptoms, these specific symptoms persisted regardless of the regularity of vaping.

The study, published on JAMA Network Open, provides some supportive data for the mysterious vaping condition that emerged in 2019 and made many people very sick for no known reason. Known as EVALI, the disease affected more than 2,800 people from all over the United States, causing deaths and hospitalizations prior to COVID-19.

The researchers examined more than 2,000 young adults who answered questions about their history of vaping and smoking, and their respiratory health. The study results showed that participants who vaped cannabis had stronger links to symptoms of bronchitis such as cough, congestion, and phlegm compared to participants who never vaped.

Photo by Itay Kabalo via Unsplash

The more people smoked in the past 30 days, the more likely they were to develop such symptoms. Vaping cannabis three or more times in the past month, researchers found twice the risk of wheezing, and in some cases there have been cases of chest wheezing. These results were not associated with people vaping nicotine.

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“More research is needed to determine whether these relatively short-term observations are harbingers of chronic changes and the development of chronic lung diseases,” said Dr. Albert Rizzo to CNN.

EVALI cases have declined this year, and people are avoiding unknown brands of e-vapes and cannabis cartridges on the black market. Still, much is unknown, including the differences between vaping nicotine and cannabis and the effects of some of the chemicals contained in these cartridges.

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Now that COVID-19 is in the picture, people with compromised lungs or an underlying health condition should be extra careful when vaping, staying away from black market products, and potentially looking for other sources of cannabis. It’s 2020 and there are many methods to get high.


Beth Edmonds