Zodiac indicators and hashish strains: July 2020 horoscopes


Ah, stargazer, what a beautiful summer! July is here, the birds are singing and there is no better time of year than now to kindle a blunt and see fireworks.

At the beginning of the month of July 1st, the sun forms a sextile with Uranus and a connection with Mercury. The month is therefore immediately full of focus and surprises. The full moon on July 5 is in Capricorn and the new moon on July 20 in Cancer. Synergy is the name of the game for the next few weeks. Look for those beautiful moments when everything comes together perfectly for you, Zodiac Babes. There will be several such moments this month!

We officially enter the Leo season on July 22nd and make July a time of power, structure and limits. Don't be afraid to let everyone know what it's really like, Stargazers.

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Your July horoscope

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Happy birthday crabs! There will be fireworks in your love life this July. Remember, not all pyrotechnics are fun. There is a solar eclipse in Capricorn on July 5th, so some mercury feelings will appear at the beginning of the month. Stand up for your limits and draw the right spark into your life.

We leave the cancer season and enter the Leo season on July 22nd. At the end of the month, some graceful transitions will be possible.

If you've been looking for a window to pop out of, maybe check first to see if a door has finally opened.

July burden

Crabs, dig deep into your intuition this month. There will be an all-time high towards the end of the cancer season. Roll up some big smooth for a delicious medium weight high. Users report that it offers a dash of creativity and sweet, gentle effects.

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It's a sunny month for you, Lions. Sure, the mighty lunar eclipse of July 5th might make your romantic life a little … rocky, but those feelings are short-lived.

Its ruler, the sun, forms a trine with Neptune on July 12th. You will feel particularly charismatic in the middle of the month. If you do something surprising for your love interest, you will be rewarded with openness and improved communication. Their season starts on July 22nd. The end of the month is the perfect time to invest some energy in your career.

You're going to big places this month, Leos!

July burden

This month is open real estate, Leo. July will be what you want to make of it. Whatever you want to focus on, be sure to consider your investments wisely.

Pack a large bowl of strawberry fields to balance out excess energy that could lead to intoxicating decisions. This indica is known for its calming effects and fruity aroma. Do it step by step this month, Lions. You are on the right track.

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(Gillian Levine for Leafly)

The infinite reverse development of Mercury continues in the first half of July. By now you will probably feel like the experienced captain of a schooner who has seen too many gusts. It will be tempting to engage in dull, negative thinking for the first few weeks of the month, but don't, Maidens. Staying positive or at least neutral will preserve the precious little energy that you have left in yourself.

Mercury returns to direct movement on July 12th and you will feel so much lighter. Friends will come back and small disagreements will melt away.

On July 8, Mercury forms a connection with Mars that provides the mental clarity you need for your career and personal life. The Leo season starts on July 22nd and you will get a lion-like determination. Set goals and push yourself to achieve what you set out to do this month.

July burden

Treat yourself to something sweet when life feels a little … overripe. This month's stem is honey bananas. This hybrid is fruity and creates cerebral euphoria that can help slow down the hamster wheel you're on. Users report an abundance of happy, bubbly mood.

Make yourself a little comfortable and smell the flowers this month, Maidens.

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(Gillian Levine for Leafly)

This is a month to be on the move, libras. Keep your mind busy and look out for some brave new job opportunities in early July. The July 5 solar eclipse is in Capricorn and this penumbra eclipse is exactly what the doctor ordered. During this time, the balance can be restored if you pay close attention to how you divide up your time.

Its ruler, Venus, is in direct motion all month. Things in the love department may have been difficult in the past few months, but they'll look up during the cancer season.

July burden

On July 10, Venus forms a square with the asteroid Chiron. This movement typically evokes strong feelings of unconditional love.

Pack a bowl of game changers for a perfect combination of arousing and uplifting effects. Users report that this hybrid strain is one of the best hybrids on the market. So just settle for the best this month, Libras.

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(Gillian Levine for Leafly)

Scorpions are known as one of the bravest signs in the zodiac, but July is an opportunity to learn how to rely on those who love you. There is no lack of bravery.

On July 5, there will be a lunar eclipse in Capricorn. When you are ready to open up during this time, the energy of this heavenly event should help you point in the right direction when it comes to money and romance. During this time, try to stay on the ground by connecting with nature and smoking only the finest buds.

Mars, one of your rulers, is in direct motion this month, which should mean that your emotions are much easier to control than in the past few months. Let go of minor differences of opinion and open your (virtual) door to a friend you neglected during the turbulent planetary movements this summer. Your guidance and advice will be just right.

July burden

You could use some emotional support this month, Scorpions. You can't force a positive attitude, but you can possibly get the next best result by smoking Violet Delight. This hybrid is known for its subtle, peppery taste and giggling effects. Users report a carefree, strong high.

Give a little and get a little this month, Scorpions.

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(Gillian Levine for Leafly)

Archers, you will spend the month looking after some needy parties in your inner circle. The best way to prepare for the month is to use the energy of the July 5 lunar eclipse in Capricorn to set limits and identify a routine that gives you a dash of adrenaline when you need it most.

Its ruler, Jupiter, has been in decline throughout July. Jupiter is known as a social planet. So be prepared for people in wild, terrible need to come to you for advice and emotional energy. While it's not wrong to say no, your friendliness could go the extra mile for someone this month. In fact, your openness to friends who are in trouble will not be forgotten when the tables are turned and you are the one desperately seeking advice. Pay attention to whom you reject.

On July 20th there will be a new moon in Cancer that will peacefully round off the crab season for you. Take a moment to digest everything that has happened and practice mindful breathing. You will make it through July in one piece.

July burden

This summer was full of temptations for you, Sagittarius. Bite into a candy apple to get an impression of the sweeter side of life. This hybrid has fruity undertones and users report a significant head buzz. Give your mood a much needed, sweet boost.

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(Gillian Levine for Leafly)

On July 1st, your ruling planet Saturn leaves Aquarius and enters your sign. It will stay in your shield until December, then it will go and not return for over two decades. This particular planetary movement couldn't be more perfectly timed since Saturn is the ruler of boundaries and self-care, and these are two things that you have been in dire need of lately. Take the energy of this welcome visit and let yourself be driven by hard conversations with those closest to you.

The Leo season starts on July 22nd, which means the second half of the month is likely to bring you strength and rejuvenation in your professional life. Use the crab season to channel your inner, intuitive crab.

Take the adventure openly and let people know that you are not a doormat, you sweet sea goat!

July burden

Bilbo Baggins reminds us that big things come in small packages and adventures can start in the most unexpected places.

In his honor, pack a bowl of Critical Bilbo for a very violent high. This hybrid strain is not for weed beginners. Users report extremely calming effects. Smoke this bud if you want to take a trip to Middle-earth.

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(Gillian Levine for Leafly)

Good news, water carrier! Your ruling planet Uranus is in direct motion this month. Take a break from preparing for the regression of other planets and invest all your energy in your creative efforts this month. Saturn will leave your sign on July 1st. So be ready to have your limits tested at the beginning of the month. Use mindful meditation and the snooze feature on your phone to maintain the much needed fences. People will test you, but you are more than ready for the challenge.

The lunar eclipse on July 5th in Capricorn could go either way for you. If you open up new opportunities, this penumbra eclipse could bring good luck and a new direction. If you close during this time, you may be missing out on great opportunities. The new moon in Cancer on July 20th brings a new beginning to your personal relationships. Forgive but don't forget this month, Aquarius!

July burden

Listen, water babies, you're a king. Never forget that you deserve good things in this life. Spark a little Green Queen for a peppery, hoppy taste and a quick high. Nothing but the best for you, Aquarius!

Users report that this hybrid strain provides creative energy and practically no sedative effects. This is your dish – let it go as you see fit!

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(Gillian Levine for Leafly)

You are a joy, fish, but you are also a sensitive soul. The weight of the world mostly sits directly on your shoulders. With the numerous summer setbacks, you may feel more worn out than usual. Unfortunately, Neptune is still declining, so your ability to meet good limits is being tested. Keep in mind that it's okay to take breaks on social media. All of these contributions will be retained on your return.

Use the energy of the penumbra eclipse on July 5th in the Capricorn to invest again in your creative process. This not only has the potential to increase your career potential, but also your energy level over the course of the month.

Don't let Neptune's backward turn stop you from marching forward. The new moon in Cancer on July 20 rounds off the crab season with a refreshing, empty table. Find a creative way to shape the world this July, Fish. The planet needs you, fish.

July burden

Sometimes you just have to get out and fall into a soothing bud. Dynamite is an indica variety known to keep people on the couch for several hours. Users report that it is strong, relaxing, and talkative.

Take a hit and write down what you think. Just write down any ideas, thoughts and projects that come up. Reread what you wrote when you are sober. Maybe you will laugh. Maybe you will cry. But you'll probably feel better, and who knows – maybe the next big novel is in there somewhere. Dynamite!

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(Gillian Levine for Leafly)

Rams, what a month it will be! On July 5th there will be a solar eclipse in Capricorn. Eclipses are known to challenge old behaviors and thought patterns. Maybe you've stuck too far in your shell in the past few months, Aries?

Make a leap of confidence at the beginning of the month when it comes to your professional career. Try to make new friends, or at least get to know the people you work with. New alliances could serve you well for the rest of the summer.

Their ruling planet Mars is in direct motion in July. Celebrate the stability this brings by letting go a little. Don't worry, the world won't fall apart if you take the afternoon to plunge into a new novel with a stump in your hand.

July burden

Aries are the leaders of the zodiac and are known for their willpower and unwavering commitment to everything they have in mind. Balance is key, of course, but it's also good to celebrate who you are right now.

Tap Hardcore OG to really strengthen your inner ram this month. This is an experienced indica that has strong sedative effects. Users report that it creates a relaxed, happy mood with a wonderful citrus taste. Don't be afraid of growth, but stay true to yourself, Aries.

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(Gillian Levine for Leafly)

Good news, bull! Their ruling planet Venus is in direct motion all month. This means that new relationships continue to flourish and long-term commitments remain in place this month. In fact, on July 10, Venus forms a sextile with the asteroid Chiron, which means that old wounds can heal faster. Think tactful forgiveness this month as an act of self-care, Bulls.

The new moon is in Cancer on July 20 and brings a tidal wave of new emotional energy. Don't get involved in small feuds at the end of the month, bull.

July burden

It's a great month to smoke a great bud, bull. It's hot, the summer solstice has come and gone – now is the time to radically relax. Light an Alaskan thunder fuck to summon the deity who is responsible for reminding you to stay on your trail and get out of other people's little nonsense.

Alaskan Thunder Fuck (or ATF) is a sativa-dominant strain that creates "creeper" effects and has been reported to leave users euphoric. It is also known that ATF also produces appetizing effects. Nibble and switch off, Bulls.

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(Gillian Levine for Leafly)

Will this retrograde Mercury ever end, twins? Okay, it will end on July 12th. Still, it was a long way through all of these turbulent planetary movements. You probably feel a bit frayed around the edges. Do not be afraid, twins. The new moon is in Cancer on July 20. A rest of positive, motivating energy will follow you for the rest of the month.

Her ruler Mercury forms a trine with Neptune on July 30. This powerful combination brings the rational brain into harmony with the passionate heart. Harmony will be there for the rest of July. Stay tuned, Geminis. Relief comes!

July burden

This month will be a little bit sour and a little bit sweet for you, twins. Pack a bowl of Sour Space Candy to hug the July roller coaster. This hybrid is known for its vegetable, fruity taste and users report that it frees the mind. Tap some rest while planning your next move, twins.

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